Target Seller State Industry Type Announce Date Status Deal Value($ M) Target Total Assets ($ 000)
Greenville Community Financial Corporation MI Bank 8/23/2007 Completed On 1/1/2008 31.02 107,154
Farwell State Savings Bank MI Bank 12/22/2005 Completed On 10/3/2006 41.11 90,932
FSB Bancorp, Inc. MI Bank 4/7/2000 Completed On 8/10/2000 26.20 101,579

Target Seller Industry Type Announce Date Status Number of Branches All Branch States Total Deposits Transferred($ 000)
1 Branch
Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.
Bank 5/23/2015 Completed On 7/31/2015 1 MI 44,290
1 Branch
Independent Bank Corporation
Bank 5/19/2015 Completed On 8/28/2015 1 MI 8,658
3 Branches
Old Kent Financial Corporation
Bank 1/12/1998 Completed On 3/27/1998 3 MI 43,100
1 Branch
First of America Bank Corporation
Bank 9/14/1990 Completed On 2/15/1991 1 MI 3,000

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